TillJanna Accessories (Long Chain) -1

As we are trying to give you a complete muslimah styling under 1 roof, we introduced to you our ACCESSORIES that offers all BELOW RM30. All of the necklace for the 1st batch are in long chain. Suitable for muslimah styling, adding a lil of blig & glamorous to our top/jubah.

We have several more uploaded via our social media.
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Long Chain, RM29

N07, Long Chain, RM29

Long Chain, RM29

N04, Long Chain, RM29

Long chain, RM29

N03, Long chain, RM29

Long Chain. RM29 only

N08, Long Chain. RM29 only

Long Chain. RM29 only

N05, Long Chain. RM29 only

Long Chain, RM29 only

N01, Long Chain, RM29 only